Meet the Active EKOs!

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Sarah Bonnelle-Roberts (Scottie Dog Family: "Metis", PC'17) is a senior Environmental Studies major form Williamston, MI.  Sarah is a member of the Wooster Highland Dance Team, as well as the Fighting Scots Dance Team. Being a member of Epsilon Kappa Omicron has helped her feel at home on campus, and has allowed her to explore her strengths as a woman of the 21st century.





Sienna Carr (Jetson Family: “Amedei” PC’18) is a Junior BCMB major from Salem, NH. She will be serving as treasurer for the 2019-20 school year and a co-new member educator. She works in the severance stockroom, and is a member of the women’s rugby team on campus. In her free time, she enjoys watching Netflix, napping, and shopping. To Sienna, EKO is a lovely group of women full of friends that will support you and be there for life.



Emma Cotter (Generic Family: “Spade” PC'17) is a senior Political Science major with a concentration in U.S. national politics, and a History and Africana Studies double minor from Saratoga, NY. She is serving as President for the 2019-2020 school year. On campus, she is a peer support group leader in the peer educator program, and works at Wellness as a programming assistant, and at ScotCall (rip phonaton). When she has free time, she enjoys watching Netflix, Soup and Bread, listening to true crime podcasts, and hanging out in the pit. Over the summer, Emma had an APEX Fellowship to work as an intern for Cleveland's Horizon Education Centers where she did data analysis and event planning to learn about non profit and education administration. To Emma, EKO is a loving family that provides the strong history of traditions that she always wanted to have in college.


Alethea (Allie) Deyhle (Penguine/Antigone Family: “Aurora/Ismene” PC18) is a junior with a self designed in Social and Welfare Policy from Evanston, Il. She will be serving as EKO philanthropy chair for the 2019=20 school year.  She is co-VP of the QSU, and a volunteer at the Wayne County Humane Society. She spent her 2018 spring break on a service trip to Tijuana, Mexico. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and drawing. In EKO, she serves as a co-philanthropy chair and a co-historian. To her, EKO is a home away from home.




Olivia Maher (Disney Family: "Esmeralda" PC'18) is a senior English and Economics double major from Riverside Illinois.  She will be serving as EKO co-rush chair and new member class coordinator for the 2019-20 school year. She loves reading, chocolate, and going on mini adventures with friends. At Wooster she is the Co-Vice President of QSU, a member of Common Grounds, and part of the Artful Dodge.  To her, EKO means having a group of people who support her and who she can support. 




Victoria McCaslin (Penguin/Antigone Family: “Oakum”/“Antigone” PC ’17) is a senior with an English and History double major from Vineland, New Jersey. She is EKO’s Vice President for the 2019=20 school year. She is a member of Peer Educator on the peer support team, is on the dance team, was a sophomore research assistant in the English department, and works in technology services. She loves reading, coffee, true crime novels/podcasts, documentaries, and Buzzfeeed Unsolved.



Kay Schwab (Missing Link Family: "Eeyore"/"Megara" PC'17) is a senior neurobiology major from Bedford, Ohio. She is a co-new member educator and webmaster in EKO. On campus you can find her as a building monitor for Williams Hall on Monday and Friday evenings or in lab working with her flies. She enjoys binge watching tv, reading and comedy podcasts.





 Rachel Tomei (VanSkaap Family: “Blix” PC’18) is a senior from Bolingbrook, IL (a southwest suburb of Chicago) and has lived there her whole life with her mom, dad, two sisters, and brother. She is Chaplain of EKO for the 2019-20 school year and is a History major. On campus, she also sings in Wooster Chorus and works in the college’s libraries as a Digital Curation Assistant. She's currently exploring career opportunities at museums, law firms, and research institutes around both the Cleveland and Chicago areas.


Anneliese Wagoner (Tartan- MacLeod Family: “Pearl” PC'17) is a senior BCMB major from Wooster, OH. She is serving as historian and reception chair for the 2019-20 school year. She is part of the dance company. In her free time, she enjoys watching Netflix, reading murder-mystery novels, and playing with her dog, Harper Lee. Anneliese loves EKO because it gives her a sense of belonging, family, support, and fun.





Sara Zidek (VänSkap Family: “Vivi” PC’17) is a senior cellular neurophysiology major. She is from outside of Pittsburgh, PA. She loves her 3 dogs. She works at Wooster Community Hospital in the emergency room, and loves every second of it. She really enjoys punk rock and pop punk, so you can probably find her jamming to Fall Out Boy or worshipping the masterpieces that are every song ever released by Green Day. Her happy place is Florida, and she loves palm trees. To Sara, EKO means always having a support system, and people to hang out with at 3 am. 



  Hannah Nguyen (Disney Family: “Melody”, PC’19) is a sophomore Elementary Education and Communication Studies double major from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She will be serving as EKO Diversity Chair for the 2019-2020 school year. Outside of EKO, Hannah is a member of the Wooster Forensics, After-Dinner Speech and a part of the Wooster Singers. In her free time, she enjoys watching cartoons, playing the ukulele, online shopping, and grabbing hot chocolate with her friends. She is very grateful to call a group of empowering and kindhearted people her sisters, making her decision to travel 8,822 miles for college worthwhile.


Lilia Federico (VänSkap Family: “Mångata” PC’19) is a junior Anthropology Major with a Women and Gender Studies Minor. She is from Denver, CO, though currently located in Edmonds, WA right outside of Seattle. She works as the Spanish Department Assistant at the College. During the Fall 2019 semester she will be going abroad to the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic with a WGSS Program. She is Co-Music Director of Shades of Gold, and Secretary of COWBelles, as well as a member of Wooster Chorus. To Lilia, EKO is a safe place to be with a wonderful group of people that are all from different backgrounds but come together for the same values and fun times.

Sydney Clifton (Tartan Macleod Family: "Valkyrie" PC 19) is a sophomore Anthropology and Studio Art major from Portage, Michigan (Just outside of Kalamazoo). She is one of EKO's Philanthropy Chairs and Historians for the 2019-2020 school year. Outside of EKO she is also a member of the Wooster Women's Lacrosse team. In her free time Sydney loves playing with her dogs Comet and Koda, watching Marvel movies, Netflix, reading, and spending time in the water.

Shay Chapman (Jetson Family: “Eretria” PC ‘19) is a junior psychology major and religious studies minor from Pittsburgh, PA. She will be serving as rush chair in the upcoming fall. Over the summer, she works as a camp counselor for 3-5 year olds. During her free time at Wooster, you can find Shay at either the gym or in bed napping—no in between. To her, EKO means belonging to a fun and supportive group of people.

Madison (Mady) Crucs (Scottie Dog Family: “Persephone” PC’ 19) is a sophomore BCMB major from Worthington, OH. She will be serving as the EKO Secretary for the 2019-2020 school year. At Wooster she is also a member of the createHER leadership team, Women in STEM, and the Pre-Health club. In the fall semester she will begin the practicum portion of the Health Coach program at Wooster. She loves to travel and has been to a total of 20 countries. One day she hopes to work abroad with Doctors Without Boarders or the Red Cross.

Marissa Camacho (Penguin/Antigone Family: “Electra” / “Adélie” PC’19) is a sophomore biology major from Williamsville, NY. She is a Health Coach and an RA on campus. She is also a mentor for OHuddle at a local elementary school. She participates in the Minorities in STEM and pre-health clubs on campus. She loves coffee, Netflix, tennis, and reading mystery novels. To her, EKO means that she has a family away from home.