Class of 2018

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Hannah Coble (Disney Family: “Pan” PC’ 16) graduated with a double in English and Anthropology. In June Hannah will be heading to the Adirondacks to work at a children’s camp. She is spending the next year working and gaining experience before pursuing a Masters in sociocultural anthropology. She is also planning on using this year to finally learn how to brew her own beer. Hannah is thankful for the laughs had and memories made with EKO. Her favorite EKO memories come from Sunday mornings spent talking with her sisters about any topic imaginable.










Sarah Comstock (Penguin-Antigone Family, “Skittles” PC ‘15) will be working at the RPI Darrin Freshwater Institute on Lake George in the Adirondacks with a biology internship for the summer. In the fall, she will hopefully be a lab assistant for paternal care in glass frogs research at Stanford, but if the lab doesn’t receive a grant for the position she will be doing Americorp for a year. After that she will attend graduate schools to pursue a PhD in EEOB (Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology) with hopes of a career in field biology research on animal behavior. Her favorite Wooster memories are her time as Pledge Mom for EKO and playing on the rugby team as a prop/second/flanker.





Grace Hodges (Asbury Park Family, "Smoak" PC15) graduated from the College of Wooster in May 2018 with a degree in Anthropology. This summer she will be working at Starbucks, but hopes to be employed in a museum in the coming year. She is planning on going to graduate school in Museum Studies and hopes to (one day) be a curator in a museum. During her four years with EKO, one of her favorite memories included goofing off during finals week on the hall instead of doing some studying (oops!). EKO has always felt like home, and it will be hard to not come back to it in the fall, but she is excited to see what the group will do!







Olivia Lawrence (Scottie Dog Family, "Apollo" PC15) studied music therapy at Wooster. She served as President of EKO for two years, and was involved in a number of other things while at the College including serving as a Resident Director and being in the Wooster Chorus. She's living in Cleveland and is excited to be close enough to visit campus from time to time!











Maria Mullin (Tartan McCloud Family, "Skipper" PC15)  graduated with a BA in biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a minor in Chinese Studies. For the summer she will be staying in Wooster and her advisor is bringing her on as a research assistant for his project funded by the Sherman-Fairchild research grant. After the summer she will be moving to Cleveland Heights to pursue a career in the biomedical sciences and biotechnology industries. She will also be applying to pursue her PhD or masters in genetics/nutrition. She would like to thank EKO for the home the group has provided her. Her favorite memory is living in bissman with her sisters. Although she’s sad to be leaving it behind, she knows it’s not four years, it’s for life and she can’t wait to show up next semester to relive her college years. 





Emily Neill (Vanskap Family: "Astrid Hertha" PC'15) graduated with a degree in Psychology and just recently moved to Columbus, Ohio. She is conducting social psychology research at The Ohio State University while also working in the Columbus fashion industry. She would like to thank her EKO sisters for all their love, care, and support during her time at Wooster. One of her favorite EKO memories was living on the hall her senior year because it brought everyone even closer together. She wishes all her sisters the best of luck and an open invitation to come stay at her new house in Columbus. 











Abby Woltman (Generic Family: "Lou Litzy" PC'15) graduated with a degree in History and a minor in Education. She will be moving to D.C. in a few weeks to work for a non-profit that fundraises for many larger charities. She would like to thank EKO for being such a strong support system over the last four years. One of her favorite memories is living on the hall and being able to be around sisters to mom dance to September by Earth, Wind, and Fire with her. She is counting down the days until she sees them live in concert in September. 








Leigh Yartz (Missing Link Family, "Nala"/"Christopher Robin" PC'16) graduated with a major in Political Science and a minor in Early Childhood Education. While on campus, she was the secretary of EKO, involved in the peer educator program as an outreach coordinator, served as a hearing counselor on the Judicial Board, and worked at the College of Wooster Nursery School. Her I.S. was on education reform, specifically the transition from zero-tolerance policies to restorative justice policies in New York City Schools. Since graduating, Leigh has moved to Cleveland and accepted a position as an Education Services Coordinator with the Administrative Office of Horizon Education Centers!








Lindsey Zelvin (Nuclear Waste Family, "Starfire" PC15) was an English major while she was at Wooster. She was involved in music at the College: participating in Wooster Chorus for three years as well as the coed, charity based a cappella group Woo Sang Clan for all four years, serving as president from 2016-2017. She spend the spring of 2017 studying English at Oxford University and absolutely fell in love with England. This fall, Lindsey will be going back to England to pursue her Masters in Creative Writing with English Literary Studies at Lancaster University. She’s hoping to continue on to a PhD and become a professor and author.